Alloy Refurb Specialists In Slough

Alloy Refurbs

At BMF Automotive, we offer top-quality alloy refurbishment services for customers in and around Slough, Berkshire. Our team of experts uses the latest techniques and equipment to restore your alloys to their former glory, no matter the level of damage or wear and tear. From diamond cutting to powder coating and everything in between, we provide a wide range of services to suit all needs and budgets.

Our Timeline of Alloy Refurbishment

Assessment: The wheels are thoroughly inspected to assess the extent of the damage, and the type of finish that is needed.

Stripping: The old finish is removed from the wheels. This is done by chemical stripping and sandblasting.

Repair: Any damage or imperfections are repaired, such as dents, scratches or cracks. This may involve welding or filling the damaged areas.

Preparation: The wheels are cleaned and prepared for the new finish. This includes sanding, smoothing and polishing the surface.

Preheat: The alloys are placed into our oven to degas and preheat to 200 degrees celsius.

Priming: A primer coat is applied to the wheels to ensure the new finish adheres properly.

Powder Coating: The wheels are Powder Coated with a new finish, which can be a color match to the original or a custom color of your choice.

Baking: The alloys are now placed in the oven to be baked to cure the powder.

Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment: If your vehicles alloys need a diamond cut finish Refurbish your vehicle's alloys to a diamond-cut finish. Our meticulous process involves using a state-of-the-art Diamond Cut Lathe to expertly cut and polish the surface of your alloys to a high-gloss, mirror-like shine.

Clear Coating: A clear coat is applied to protect the finish and give it a shiny appearance.

Baking: The alloys are now placed in the oven to be baked to cure the powder.

Quality Check: The finished wheels are inspected to ensure they meet the desired finish and quality.

Fitting: We now refit the tyres to the alloys and balance the wheels and then refit them to the vehicle.

Expert Alloy Wheel Repairs & Refurbs in Slough

We understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle's value, which is why we offer top-notch alloy wheel repairs and refurbishment services. Our expert team, based in Slough and serving the surrounding areas such as Windsor, Maidenhead, and High Wycombe, takes pride in providing a high-quality finish that is unmatched. We start by completely stripping each wheel of its previous coatings, and then we use only the best quality powder products and diamond cutting techniques for a flawless result. Our service includes a quick 72-hour turnaround time (subject to conditions) to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee.